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I’m a Dog, You’re a Cat (Love Lessons From our Furry Friends) is a short, delightfully humorous book filled with skillfully crafted watercolor illustrations that highlight the sometimes quirky personality traits of felines and canines and how they mirror those of humans; especially as it relates to their interpersonal relations.

Marla Press | Book on Personality Types

Marla Press, author of “I’m a Dog, You’re a Cat” Photography by Mark Hiebert

Dog and cat owners who are in relationships will understand and appreciate the correlations and conclusions drawn from this unique comparison. How wonderful it would be if we were able to discover a new insight that helped us all communicate more effectively with the special people in our lives!

Dog/Cat is a brand that sells communication skills. It is a simple, easy way to understand how to communicate with someone who thinks, acts, and relates differently than you.

Dog & Cat Relationships

By using a little humor to gain a deeper appreciation of your partner, you can begin to understand their behavior and how to react in those instances when you just don’t see eye to eye on things.

Marla Press, was born and raised in Rock Island, IL. She attended college at The University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana and graduated with an undergraduate degree from the University of Texas-Austin.

Marla has been in the financial services industry since 1992 representing various money management firms.

Marla has always had a great love of animals and has had many dogs and cats in her life (the four legged kind).

What has made Marla successful in her career is what a friend referred to as her emotional intelligence. The ability to speak and understand someone elses language.

Cat Dog PersonalitiesI’m a Dog, You’re a Cat, (Love Lessons from our Furry Friends) was born out of Marla trying to understand the new relationship in her life. When she shared the idea with her new uber kitty he thought the concept was so great he offered his full support (a big, huge deal for a cat!). Thus came the idea for the book.

Marla lives in Houston, Texas with her two real rescue dogs, Riley and Bella.